Dr. G

A 21st  Century Renaissance man

The (Retired) Rev. Dr. Gregory Leonard Aldana “Dr. G.”, AA, BA, MA, M-Div; PhD; his newest degree of higher education is a J. A. D; stands for: (Just Another Drunk).  Dr. G is grateful to be in his “rest of his life” recovery program; clean and sober now for over 4 years as of 2017.   

Dr. G. was born in Sacramento, California and now lives with his wife, of 31 years,  Carol Aldana, their two rescue dogs Sammy and Sophie (a terrier mix & a snauzer mix) in San Diego County, California; The dogs actually rescued them.  

Greg and Carol have two boys (from previous marriages) and six fantastic grandchildren, some from different marriages as well.  They are a “Blended Family of Mixed breed”, kinda like their rescue puppies.    

Dr. G, while always an academic and usually in some kind of school, has been a Rock Band promoter, a short order cook, a life guard, a military parts specialist, a rib iron worker, school bus driver, a Director a Multi-Service social agency, a substitute teacher, Principal of an elementary school, an Airplane contract specialist, a Top Secret Military Aero-Space subcontract and contract administrator, a Chaplain, a Presbyterian PC-USA Minister of the Word and Sacrament, a church planter, a Non-Denominational Pastor, always a business owner and now a Writer;  that’s why he’s called the “a 21 st. Century Renaissance man.  Dr. G. has only been able to accomplish these things because of some power greater than himself, that he calls God.  

Dr. G is currently the CEO co-principal of CGA COMMERCE, LLC- a Private Real Estate Investment Group.  Dr. G is also a Recovery Ministry Leader, and a Worship Leader (singer/guitarist) and now, a writer, by the grace of God.



All seminaries, church groups or any kind of secular group will enjoy this Mystic book that will restore your souls as it brings to light a New Wave of the Spirit which is gaining mass momentum and is about to gust into a giant Tsunami. Catch the wave!

JCS Journey-ers are experiencing soul restoration and are exploding with unprecedented forms of happiness, contentment, peace, volunteerism and giving, the likes of which we have not experienced since the first century church Spiritual Tsunami!

JCS invites you to come and experience a “safe place”, a place where you can be “real,” and “be yourself”, where nobody is trying to fix you, where there is no judgment, no criticism, no condemnation, only grace. JCS Journey-ers will make a place where you can journey to the very center of your soul, with the Soul Master himself.

Journey to the Center of the Soul has been orchestrated by God, from the very beginning, and it continues to radically facilitate the restoration, healing, teaching and recovery of the souls and thereby the spirits of all kinds of people from different types of groups, without discrimination. JCS is not a religion or even a theology, it’s a New Wave of the Spirit; that’s what makes it so powerful, so genuine and non-divisive.

All seminaries, church groups or any kind of secular group will be able to “Catch the Wave”; that’s why “Journey to the Center of the Soul (JCS)” was orchestrated by God to be a “Bridge Book”, bridging all people from different kinds of groups.

In an ancient text we read, “Do not be conformed to this world or shaped by the world’s damage you’ve experienced from your past hurts, bad habits, hang ups and bad addictions, but be transformed by experiencing together, a Journey to the Center of the Soul with me. Let me teach you skills and give you tools for the renewal of your souls, that by learning and “doing” you may discern and be able to do the Will of God, which is good, acceptable, nurturing, enriching and perfect, and thereby you will be transformed as you recover when you Journey to the Center of the Soul. Romans 12:2, OTB, Paraphrased.

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